January 2018


Having established this site to a basic standard, I immediately got to posting. I’m continuing to write for the site whilst also building on that initial set up; there’s an update post covering that work.


I’m helping Claire set up her site, including creating elements of the design and giving suggestions about other aspects.


As a carer (or caregiver depending on your locale) I take on a signficant portion of housework. Over the past few months, especially since the conclusion of a long term project in early October, I have been carefully improving the condition of my home which includes wrangling regular chores into place and preparing for a move; the latter is a big aim for the year but not yet confirmed.

The To-Do List

These are projects that I have lined up:

  • Blog about local infrastructure, focusing on accessibility.
    • I am in the planning stages of this blog with clear ideas of exactly what I am going to do, including the use of photos.
  • Blog about social issues from both a local and national POV.
    • I am in the planning stages of this blog, thinking about the scale of the work and how best to start.
  • Photo blog about my cats.
    • This will be a clean, focused site that will be set up before I make it public.
  • YouTube channel about my cats.
    • I’ll be using this to try out video editing. Also, you know, cats on the internet.