What I’m Doing Now

This is where I keep a record of my current happenings. The idea for this page originates — at least as far as I’m aware — with Derek Sivers.

These are my current projects:


Having gone through a lull of activity, largely due to moving home in February (2018), I have just applied an update to the site which is covered in this post. Regular posting will now resume.


I’m helping Claire set up her site, including creating elements of the design and giving suggestions about other aspects. Despite a lack of progress on this from my end, Claire continues to blog regularly.


As a carer (or caregiver depending on your locale) I take on a significant portion of housework. The recent move created a predictably large amount of work but over the past two months all but a couple of the largest tasks have been completed, along with a few improvements made. Next on the list is getting started on the front and back gardens.

The To-Do List

These are projects that I have lined up:

  • Blog about local infrastructure, focusing on accessibility.
    • I am in the planning stages of this blog with clear ideas of exactly what I am going to do, including the use of photos.
  • Blog about social issues from both a local and national POV.
    • I am in the planning stages of this blog, thinking about the scale of the work and how best to start.
  • Photo blog about my cats.
    • This will be a clean, focused site that will be set up before I make it public. I’ve started working directly on the site and will soon open it up.
  • YouTube channel about my cats.
    • I’ll be using this to try out video editing. Also, you know, cats on the internet.
  • 🐍💷🇮🇹
    • A few learning-based projects that are about to start.
  • 🕸
    • A project centred around improving technology-based education, especially exposure to it.

For a more informal feed see my Micro.blog where I post incremental updates about my work and social aspects of my life.